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Thank you for visiting. Here at Cinemaddicts we are dedicated to bringing you honest reviews. We are not paid by filmmakers etc. for our reviews and the opinions expressed are those of our writers. We do not encourage reviews to lean a certain way. Our writers are dedicated to 'telling it' how they see it. They come from a diverse background in film. Some are just every day film lovers, others have worked in the film industry or are students of film. 

We believe in supporting independent filmmakers, great international film as well as the bigger companies - after all we will review anything if asked and discriminate against no one. 

We are always looking for films, festivals, actors, actresses, musicians, directors, producers etc. to review, interview and feature on our site. If you think you may have something in our ballpark (everything film and cinema) or are looking for exposure, then we'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy. 


2023 Metro comic con

Metro Comic Con: a fan-tastic time in Melbourne
Australia’s newest pop culture convention lands with a BANG! and a POW! this July

For more information see our Metro Comic Con Post or visit

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