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Bedeviled – A Film by the Vang Brothers

‘Ever download a killer app? In this terrifying-thriller for the digital generation, five teenagers receive to download a Siri-like app. Once they accept, the app – which calls itself Mister Bedevil – begins a torment for each of them, tapping into their deepest, darkest fears. Now, this terrified group of friends must work together if they have a change of stopping this malevolent force before it goes viral.’

After reading the well written blurb on the back of the cover, I waited in anticipation for night to fall and curled up. lights off, to watch Bedeviled, written and directed by the Vang brothers. It opened, amidst the terror of a teenage girl, sitting alone, terrified in her room. The standard, movements, torment peruse, introducing the ‘demonic’ creature Mister Bedevil, leading to her death – open introduction for his next group of victims, her friends. I continued to watch, hoping for something thrilling, but here is where the movie flatlines, hitting repeat – although the acting is great!

Along the way, the scares remain the same, to the point boredom takes over. The ‘costumes’ lack any real horror, like they were brought from a cheap Halloween store, with the exclusion of Mister Bedevil, or where special effects were used. Overall, Mister Bedevils costume reminded me of The Crooked Man from the Conjuring movie set. Not that original.

For most of the film, I felt like I was watching one of those incredibly low budget films that eventually ends up in a $2 bin somewhere. The storyline fizzles too, and lacks any real depth beyond the death of their friend, with other issues more of a fill-in brush over to set a cliché scene. It even has the cliché opened ending where her mother, has downloaded the Mister Bedevil app.

The revisit to the concept of evil taking over technology was a great way to introduce this genre to a younger generation, but in my opinion, Bedevil, was poorly executed, underthought with lack of attention to detail. The ‘murders’ lacked any real creativity. For a ‘demonic’ force, Mister Bedevil was really, lame and pathetic.

I just hope if a remake or sequel is to be made, that the creators focus on making a film that is more than just a standard cliché to the thriller and horror genres, because the potential is really, there. They just need to see it.

Honestly Bedevil, would be great as a first introduction to horror - thriller movie to view, because it sets the bench mark pretty-low for future experiences. Thank you for reading all.

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