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Awakened - Starring Julianne Michelle

‘Samantha believes that her father murdered her mother. In an exhausting search for the truth about her young mother’s untimely death 14 years earlier, Samantha receives help from beyond the grave.’

If you go solely off the list of awards, Awakened, has received, that would be enough alone to warrant you watching and giving up 112 minutes of your life. Winner of Best Actress (NYC Independent Film Festival 2013), Winner best Narrative Feature, (NYC Independent Film Festival 2013) Winner Best Feature Producer (LA Femme International Film Festival 2013) and Official Selection (Palm Beach International Film Festival 2014) you can’t help but be impressed, so it’s no wonder I was excited to review Awakened for you all when it came across my desk.

This drama filled, horror starring Julianne Michelle (Apartment 1303) as Samantha, starts with her returning to her hometown to uncover the truth behind her mother’s death which 14 years later has a town covering secrets, and other still grieving her loss. Jack, (played by the talented John Savage) is at the key focus of Samantha’s investigation, with flash backs only supporting her conviction of Jack’s guilt, but as time goes on, Samantha discovers something more sinister is behind it all, and secrets are uncovered. With her mother’s spirit adding to the painful burden of sorrow on Samantha’s shoulders, it appears at times, she is slipping. To top it off… Jack, who Samantha has been staying with, talking with and re-building a bond with, is dead.

I have to say; this horror, isn’t really on the scary side but the amazing acting and the obvious dynamic of the cast, will keep you engaged, captivated and wanting more. Although, in the end, the truth behind Samantha’s mother’s death is solved, the depth of acting on the part of the actors and actresses, and character creation on the part of the story writer Joycelyn Engle, leaves you hoping for a sequel. Yes! It’s that good. I want more.

It could be the writer in me speaking, or the excitement of a tale told, from the outside of the normal box, but given the ‘town’ and its secrets, was Thomas Burton’s (played by the amazingly talented Edward Furlong) death, really a suicide or could there be a more sinister cover up there linked to Samantha’s mother’s murder and what would Samantha do, if confronted with a case like her own? Did she even overcome her ‘demons’ in Awakened as a whole? I can’t wait to see what Supernova Media, the incredibly talented Joycelyn Engle, and Julianne Michelle come up with next.

Awards aside, if you love suspense, crime, thrillers, with mild horror and brilliant acting Awakened, is a must have treasure for the collection you can watch time and time again.

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