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Surrogates - Starring Bruce Willis

In the not so distance future, where people experience life through perfect surrogates controlled from the safety of their own home, murder is a thing of the past. But when a college student, linked to the creator of these replicants is killed, one FBI agent must re-enter reality and risk his life to unravel the mystery. In the battle of technology verses humanity, who can you trust?

Honestly, I was having one of ‘those’ days when I sat down to watch Surrogates starring Bruce Willis; a legend in the world of action in his own right! I just wanted to watch an awesome action movie, where there’s not a lot of back story line to slow the track, but enough to make the action seem not mindless. Expectation wise, Surrogates over delivered, and I wasn’t at all disappointed with the thought-provoking storyline, exploding amongst the action.

Bruce Willis stars as Tom Geer, an FBI agent who from the beginning, has this need for human contact, and not that of a surrogate machine, which 99% of the world (with the exclusion of the human only colonies) are living their lives through. When in pursuit of the hired killer, his surrogate is destroyed when he ventures into a anti surrogate colony, breeching the treaty.

On suspension and without his surrogate, he has no choice but to venture into the ‘real’ world to uncover the truth. When he ventures into the human colony after the hired killer, the plot only thickens when the hire killer winds up dead. After a beatdown and an unsuccessful venture, he acquires the help of his FIB partner Peters (Radha Mitchel) unaware she has been compromised, in the attempt to uncover the truth.

There’s car chases, beat downs, violence and everything you’d expect from a ‘Bruce Willis’ action movie, but Bruce Willis, gives you so much more, showing a believable vulnerability to his character Tom Geer. It wasn’t the performance I expected, reading the blurb and watching the trailer. It was so much more!

The thought provoking, back line that will have you asking the question:

Is living through a surrogate, living at all?

This is a movie that lives beyond the typical action you’d expect. Surrogates is definitely, worth the time to watch and I highly recommend it. Enjoy the trailer all!

Video courtesy of Michael Ottey on YouTube!

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