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Slasher - It's a Killer of a Series

Born amidst great tragedy, Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrathJurassic World, Dracula, Merlin) has spent many years feeling cat adrift. But when she returns to Waterbury, her place of birth, she is determined to turn her life around. Her husband, Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren – Graceland, The Killing), a man who loves her more than anyone else ever has and is focused on her art, having opened a gallery in her home town. Moving into the house that her parents were murdered in, may seem odd, but it’s free, therefore giving the young couple financial stability to pursue their dreams. She may be at the scene of the crime, but Sarah is starting over.

It’s not long before history starts to repeat itself though, plunging Sarah into the midst of a new, even bloodier, murder mystery. A killer is hunting down and murdering the people in Sarah’s life, one by one. Sarah has a choice to make: even be consumed or overcome it. As the killing escalate and Sarah scratches the surface of this small town, long buried secrets and old grudges are revealed, with everyone around her becoming either a suspect…or a victim.

When she uncovers some soul shattering revelations in her own life, which may prove far more dangerous than any serial killer, Sarah will find herself fighting for her own survival.

Don’t let the blurb fool you! It’s more horror than you think, and I could not stop watching! Katie McGrath, stuns and wows as Sarah Bennett, far from her villain role as Morgana in the TV series Merlin. Alongside, an equally talented cast, the in-depth ‘mini’ stories only add for a more believable and horror-tastic series.

The horror starts first episode, dumping you right in the middle of this untangling web. This series will have you looking one way, and then another. Even when the real killer is revealed, through his own story, this series will not let you down.

There’s only one concerned that surfaced as the first series ended, and the ‘opening’ to series two, reared its head, leaving me rather sceptical. Think female version of Michael Myers from Halloween. Not the original but the remake. Is this another destined to repeat and bore, by hiding behind another character based of something that has been done over and over, beyond death!

Still, I will be buying Series Two, if for no other reason than to ease my own curiosity and when done I will review it for you all.

Anyway, if you are looking for a series, that is more foremost horror than crime, with jaw dropping talent and intensity, Slasher – The Complete First Series is for you!

Trailer courtesy of ShartesburyTV on YouTube.

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