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The Cell – Starring Jenifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onofaio

His Mind Is Her Prison!

In the next few minutes a killer (Vincent D’Onofaio) will murder another innocent victim. To stop him one women (Jennifer Lopez) will have to use her head, or better yet…use his.

Jennifer Lopez (Out Of Sight), Vince Vaughn (Psycho) and Vincent D’Onofaio (Law and Order Criminal Minds, Men in Black) star in the terrifying, mind altering thriller about a psychologist who enters the brain of a comatose serial killer in order to save his latest victim, however once inside she may never get out!

I’ve always loved a good thriller that keeps you gripped on your seat, as the twists and turns unfold. Although it did become rather predictable at times, The Cell did not disappoint, with the underlying sympathy towards Carl Stargher (Vincent D’Onofaio), becoming apparent as Catherine (Jenifer Lopez) digs deeper within the twisted maze of his mind, hoping to unlock the location of his latest (and last) victim, before his automated time-line expires and she drowns, trapped, on camera for all who find to see.

As time ticks on and Catherine now controlled by Carl, FBI Agent, Peter Novac (Vince Vaughn) must face his own concerns and travel to the unpredictable world of Carl Stargher in hope of saving her from his grasp. But even then, Catherine still has compassion for Carl and in defiance of her colleges and boss, travels back inside the mind of Carl, on a mercy mission to set him free.

As I said, this movie will grip you. The brilliant performances, especially by Vincent D’Onofaio, who is far from his intelligent, rebellious Det. Robert Goren character (Law and Order Criminal Intent) will leave you nothing short of captivated and wanting more. The Cell is defiantly a thriller for the collection and I am sure will stand out for years to come. Enjoy the trailer all!

Trailer courtesy of Judith Jareau YouTube

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