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Forgeting Sarah Marshall

Quirky music composer Peter is left heartbroken when his longtime tv actress girlfriend Sarah breaks things off. Feeling a little lost he decides to head off to Hawaii to help heal his broken heart, the only problem with that…. Sarah is also there, with her new boyfriend, the famous rockstar Aldous Snow. Written by and starring the hilariously eccentric Jason Segel (Peter), this movie also stars Kristen Bell (Sarah), Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) and Mila Kunis (Rachel). Along with supporting cast Jonah Hill (Matthew) and Paul Rudd (Chuck). It’s the best mixed bag of lollies you’ll ever dive into.

This light hearted, romantic comedy has something for the girls and the guys. This movie had me giggling from the beginning with one of the opening scenes involving a very cheeky Peter greeting Sarah with a surprise I think most of the ladies would have a laugh at. Sarah however is less than impressed with Peter’s moves and chooses this moment to break things off. *nawww*

After a string of one night stands (and one STD test) Peter’s brother, Brian (Bill Hader), suggests he gets away, so off Peter jets to Hawaii to escape from reality for a little while.

On arrival at his choice of resort not only is the last available room a $6,000 per night suite, but he discovers Sarah and Aldous are also staying at the hotel. Just as things couldn't get any worse, hotel staff member Rachel steps in and helps Peter by checking him to the suite in front of Sarah, who appears less than impressed.

Throughout the holiday Rachel provides Peter with some much needed carefree company and fun. Eventually their friendship blossoms into a romance. While on the other hand, Sarah and Aldous discover they’re not all that compatible, with his rockstar attitude becoming an apparent issue. Aldous runs into Peter as he is leaving Hawaii on tour and tells him that he and Sarah are no longer together.

Peter heads over to check on Sarah who tries to win him back by sleeping with him, things don’t go to plan as he is no longer turned on by her, if you know what I mean!

Peter immediately tells Rachel what happened who is understandably upset and never wants to see him again. Once home Peter, inspired my Rachel, opens his own rock opera and sends her an event flyer to the opening night. Reluctant at first, she is convinced to go by some work colleagues. The movie ends with Rachel happily reunited with Peter again.

While the plot is predictable, it is still a great film to watch with your girlfriends or your other half. The characters have just enough backstory so you know a little about everyone, but not enough to get too lost in details and muddle the story line.

The acting is good, not anyone’s best role, but they do their characters justice. Russell Brands third film appearance was actually good enough to warrant him his own spin off to this film, Get Him to the Greek.

It didn’t win an academy but in my opinion Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those classic rom coms that you will watch over and over again.

Tralier coutesy of Movie Trailer Classics on YouTube

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