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In Bruges - A Dark Comedy for the Ages!

In Bruges-Holiday with hit mens!

Ray and Ken, two hit men, are in Bruges, Belgium, waiting for their next mission. While they are there they have time to think and discuss their previous assignment. When the mission is revealed to Ken, it is not what he expected.

This was my first movie in the genre of Black Comedy so I didn’t know what to expect. Dark Comedy is a comic style that makes light of subject matter that is generally considered taboo. And after watching In Bruges, it’s safe to say that this particular genre has become my favorite, all thanks to this movie. It certainly is in the top 3 movie’s I’ve watched ever.

From the storyline, to the cast, setting and music, everything was spot on. The storyline and the lovely background complimented each other. I haven’t quite seen a movie with a storyline like this. The movie depicts that there are some code and ethics which also paid hit men’s, murderers, also observe. All the characters were well developed and integral to the storyline. Movie takes you on a topsy turvy ride, curious to know what will happen next.

But the thing which will live long in my memory of this movie are the dialogues between the characters.

"I don't hit women. I'd never hit a woman, Chloë! I hit a woman who was trying to hit me with a bottle! That's different, that's self-defense, isn't it?”

The script and storyline made this movie magical, and the star actors; Colin Farrel, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Feinnes did justice to it. You just can’t stop quoting this movie. Makes you go through every emotion possible. And the acting, dialogues were so simple, so random, yet out of this world.

In Bruges is witty, laden with dark humor, simple, straightforward yet so unique. You will definitely enjoy watching this again and again!

Trailer courtesy of inbrugesmovie Youtube:

Review was written by Irtaza Raza. Follow Irtaza on Twitter for more:​

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