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Paranorman - It's Para-normally fantastic!

Synopsis: Misunderstood local boy Norman, who is able to speak to the dead, takes on Zombies, Ghosts, Witches and worst of all Grown Ups, to save his town from a Centuries old curse.

From animation company LAIKA who brought you the ground breaking Academy Award nominated 'Coraline' ParaNorman is a hilarious spooky adventure that will thrill the whole family.

Finding a film to entice the whole family can be hard, especially when you're like me and most 'family' films bore you to death! So I was skeptical when I read:

"ParaNorman in a hilarious spooky adventure that will thrill the whole family."

That said, surprisingly they were NOT wrong. If you loved Goosebumps growing up, have / had an interest in the paranormal and the darker side of history and if you have children who love all those things that go 'bump' in the night, the ParaNorman is bound to tick everyone's boxes... Like seriously... I wish this was about when I was kid.. I've watched it half a dozen times now with my daughter (and maybe a couple of times by myself.... but that's our secret!)

ParaNorman has a well written story line, with humor, in depth backstories that all play into the main plot, while having a valuable lesson in it's conclusion.... You should never judge or be bias towards someone because they are or seem different. The story line plays out at a good pace, keeping wondering minds engaged. Honestly I can highly recommend this movie and it is one that will stay in my collection.

Thanks for reading. Trailer courtesy of ParaNorman.

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