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The Legend of Tarzan

Synopsis: When Jane is abducted by the Belgian envoy Leon Rom while investigating the government's activities in the Congo, John must revert to his former self as Tarzan if he is to save his beloved wife.

As a child, I grew up watching the older movie versions of Tarzan, and even then, it left a fascination. That is why, I was so reluctant to watch another 'remake', fearing it would be like most others - a disappointing let down destroying the memory.

I am glad to say, The Legend of Tarzan, was not a disappointment, more of a refreshing spin, with director David Yates re-telling the story of Tarzan in his own way, but not deflecting to much away from the base line story of Tarzan.

Even the cast choice was perfection. The beautiful Margot Robbie bringing a strong willed, beautiful 'Jane' to life, and Alexander Skarsgård bringing an instinctual 'Tarzan' to a modern day audience. Perfectly accompanied by Samuel L Jackson with his classic down to earth humor (we all remember Snakes on a Plane), as George Washington Williams, this is definitely a film you will remember.

The story line is strong, and reasonably paced. The special effects and scenery, will definitely entertain. So do I recommend The Legend of Tarzan? If you are looking for something adventurous, up there in action with good actors with a moral underline, then yes, I highly recommend The Legend of Tarzan.

Trailer Courtesy Of Warner Bros

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