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5ive Girls - It will have you Possessed!

Synosis: When the long abandoned St Mary's Catholic Reform School for Girls is reopened under the watchful glare of a domineering head mistress, (Amy Lalonde) and a troubled priest (Ron Perlman), five rebellious new students are about to find themselves on a crash course in demonic possession. Discovering that they each possess a supernatural skill, they must unite their otherworldly talents if they are to escape Legion, the ancient evil demon who holds thrall over the school.

Before last night it had been many years since I have watched 5ive Girls, but this has always been a film that has stayed with me. It is everything you would expect from a more traditional, representation of Demonic Possession from Catholic faith but with twists and turns along the way and complimenting story lines that glue everything together. Nothing about this film is random. The smaller details were not overlooked and when making a film, eye to detail, makes the difference and the cast was a perfect fit. The overall feel of 5ive Girls, has a real creep about it. If it's your first time watching will keep you on your toes, and leave you feeling on edge. If you love your demonic possession films, then you'll love 5ive Girls and if you are just getting into horror with more religious tones, then I recommend watching. This is a horror movie that will stay in my collection for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed 5ive Girls.

Trailer courtesy of films411 traiilersnclips.

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