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Award-Winning Documentary, The Last Tourist, Documentary

Award-Winning Documentary, The Last Tourist, launches in Australia, providing an eye-opening reality of the impacts of tourism on some of our most visited travel destinations. A candid exploration of the impact of mass tourism filmed across 16 countries, led by visionaries Bruce Poon Tip (community tourism pioneer), Dr. Jane Goodall (UN Messenger of Peace) and Gary Knell (National Geographic).

Tuesday, 21 March 2023, Australia: Launching in Australia today on Prime Video, Apple iTunes,

Google Play and Microsoft, award-winning documentary, The Last Tourist addresses the real impact of

mass tourism as it traverses 16 different countries, magnifying its impact on the environment,

wildlife, and vulnerable communities. With borders reopening around the world and post-pandemic

travel resuming at a fast pace, it’s an apt time to reflect on what the pause in mass tourism

taught us, and to reassess how travel can return in a more responsible and conscious way.

Amassing more than 400 hours of footage during filming, The Last Tourist empowers audiences with

the knowledge and inspiration to make a positive impact - and to fundamentally change the way they

travel - by examining the history of modern tourism and revealing its consequences.

The documentary explores alarming issues such as animals suffering for entertainment, orphaned

children exploited for profit, and developing economies strained under the weight of foreign-owned

hotel chains.

During the cinematic journey, viewers will also meet local heroes who leverage tourism to preserve

cultural heritage, sustain wildlife, and support the social and economic wellbeing of


Executive produced by Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of community tourism pioneer and adventure operator, G Adventures, and directed and written by Tyson Sadler, the documentary features leading travel and tourism visionaries including Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall Institute, United Nations Messenger of Peace), Lek Chailert (Save Elephant Foundation), Gary Knell (National Geographic), Meenu Vadera (Sakha Cabs For Women) and Melissa Matlow (World Animal Protection).

Poon Tip said that his vision for the documentary came well before the pandemic, but the timing of

the documentary’s release in Australia could not be more relevant with the world’s borders

reopening and people looking to travel with more purpose and intention.

“The Last Tourist demonstrates what a dire state the industry was in pre-pandemic, and recommends

tangible ways travelers can use their personal power to have a positive impact as the world

reopens to international travel and Australians start travelling abroad in significant

numbers again."

“We wanted to bring this message, which is illustrated by a series of life-changing stories, to

life on the big screen and at the same time expose some of the often well-intentioned but harmful

practices many tourism experiences support. I ask that everyone who travels watches this important

film and spreads the word about a better way to travel."

Rated the number two documentary on Apple TV in Canada when it launched last year, The Last Tourist

is available to stream via Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft from 21 March 2023,

with a pre-order available from 10 March, 2023. It is also currently playing on Delta Airlines and

Emirates Airlines.

For more information on The Last Tourist, please visit

Trailer courtesy of The Last Tourist on YouTube.

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