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City of the Living Dead - The dead shall rise!

Synopsis: In the new small town of Dunwich, a priest hangs himself in the Church Cemetary. This sacrilegious act opens the gates of Hell - allowing the dead to rise. A New York City reporter joins forces with a Physic and they travel to New England. There they team up with a psychiatrist and his patient and the battle begins to close the the Gates of Hell before All Saints Day - for if they fail, the dead will rise up and kill the living. Although not for the squeamish, this is yet another highly recommended classic from Italy's master of horror, director Lucio Fulci (The Beyond).

So if you know me, you know I love a good classic horror. City of the Living Dead is from 1980 and honestly great for it's time. Lucio Fulci was a great writer and director, with a vivid eye for detail and catching honest actor expression. The storyline is tight, but it does have a somewhat open ending, which I assume leads into the sequel of City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, which I hope to review at a later point (once I track down a copy).

It does have elements of gore, and the Zombies are more true to the classics. The cinematography was well put together to. As a whole, this film was incredibly well done.

If you love a good Zombie Flick, I can highly recommend City of the Dead and it's not overly expensive. I paid $10 AUD for a copy on DVD. Thanks for reading. Trailer Courtesy of HD Retro Trailers.

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