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Cursed - Beware the Full Moon.

Synopsis: Frightmaster Wes Craven brings you the terror of Werewolves and a cast of today's hottest young stars in Cursed! Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg, Joshua Jackson, Judy Geer and Milo Ventimiglia find themselves caught up in an unimaginable horror - a werewolf loose in Los Angeles! Unstoppingly frightening and undeniably fun, it's the latest thriller, from director Craven and writer Kevin Williamson - the team that thrilled you with scream. Also starring Portia De Rossi.

Although, not overly scary for a horror veteran like myself, someone who is new to horror or appreciates a good Werewolf film, will definitely enjoy Cursed. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, to a point, I just found it incredibly weak on the horror and gore (which you'd expect from a Werewolf film) front, but does fall in line with other films that meet that teenage demographic.

The storyline is well put together and will keep you engaged as the pace is perfectly done. You cannot fault the acting in this one, nor the scene layouts or directorial choices. It flows beautifully. So if you are looking for something more milder in relation to horror, that has a good storyline and flows well, then I highly recommend Cursed. Trailer courtesy of Jo Blo Horror Trailers.

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