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Deep Blue Sea (1999) - Shark phobia? It will have you running for the hills.

Synopsis: Scientist Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) has been experimenting with the brains of Mako Sharks, cold blooded killing machines, known for their speed and ferocity. Violating all ethical codes, she has genetically re-engineered their DNA, creating massive, super fast, highly intelligent creatures - with attitude. When a storm hits the floating laboratory, the sharks escape their tanks, stalk the crew and unleash a reign of terror more frightening than your worst nightmare. Prepare for the $100 million blockbuster of the millennium featuring mind blowing effects, heart stopping action, an a cast including Samuel L Jackson, LL Cool J, Jacqueline McKenzie, Michael Rapaport, Saffron Burrows and Thomas Jane. Hailed as Jaws on steroids, Deep Blue Sea is one scary descent into the depths of sheer, unadulterated horror. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, your worst fear is about to surface...

I am not really sure I agree with blockbuster of the millennium, but Deep Blue Sea, is still one of my favourite shark horror action flicks and if Thomas Jane's face look familiar to horror fans, it's probably because you recognise him from some of Stephen Kings classics such as Dreamcatcher and The Mist.

For it's time, Deep Blue Sea makes great use of CGI to create some graphic visual effects, that will make anyone cringe to some point. After all, how settling can it be to watch, a person be ripped and devoured by a giant Mako Shark? The pace of the film is well laid out, so there is never a dull moment and the humour between Preacher (LL Cool J), his Bird, and the other crew is honestly priceless. It does somewhat have the 'feel' of Jaws in elements, but does take on a tone of it's own.

I can highly recommend seeing this movie at least once in your lifetime, and more if you're a shark film fan. Deep Blue Sea is definitely one, I'll be watching again and I cannot wait to watch Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018) and Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020). Trailer courtesy of Movieclip Classic Trailers.

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