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Devils Prey (2001) - Better than Expected

Synopsis: Five friends on a joy ride - David (Charlie O'Connell), Samantha (Jennifer Lyons), Eric (Bryan Kirkwood) Joe and Susan - hit a young woman as she crosses a country road. Fawn, the woman, dressed in bloody rags and screaming "The Shadows, the Shadows!", is bundled into the car and the group of friends are unwittingly drawn into a web of horror. In a rural community, the mysterious Father Seth (Patrick Bergin) and the town sheriff hide a deadly secret.... who are the Shadows? The five friends discover that not everything is as it seems when David and Samantha are abducted. Racing against time to rescue their friends, Eric and Susan enter the Shadows compound and confront the shocking truth. Can they escape? Or will they become the Devil's prey?

So what did I expect reading the synopsis for Devils Prey? I expected the cliche of either the 'devil' making his presence known or Satanic Sacrifices and Worshipers or both. I was right. Option B, Satanic Worshipers and Sacrifices, but it was well put together and done in a really good way. The township, gives you the heebie-jeebies similar to other films such as 2001 Maniacs and House of Wax and the storyline has ongoing movement, so you're never waiting too long for something to happen. The acting is believable and backstories well thought out. Their is definitely someone nearly everyone can relate to in this film, whether it's the neglected spoiled brat, the troubled soul, the graduate, or the one in the group that is the odd link. There are mild elements of gore in this one so if you are squeamish, I'd stay away. So if you enjoy your cult horrors, with more traditional satanic elements, that keeps you engaged, then, Devil's Prey is definitely for you. I honestly enjoyed it, and will watch it again. Trailer courtesy of Роман Мацнев.

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