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Ghosts of Goldfield - aka Accursed Blood

Synopsis: A group of five led by Julie (Marnette Patterson) set up their filming equipment in the hotel of the derelict town of Goldfield, hoping to capture footage of the ghost of Elisabeth Walker, a maid tortured and killed in room 109. Troubled by visions, Julie discovers that a necklace handed down to her by her grandmother, is somehow connecting her to the tragedy.

Anyone who knows me, know that I am definitely a fan of a good 'ghost story', so when I accidently spotted Ghosts of Goldfield, intrigue and a prior knowledge of The Goldfield Hotel Hauntings, made me buy it and honestly, I couldn't wait to get home and watch it.

Right off the bat, you could tell, that budget may have been an issue as it defiantly has that B Grade Horror film (there are some great B Grade horrors out there) feel and it does have the cliché of cheesy horror lines and tacky acting in places which was a disappointment. It also had issues with continuity, and honestly, too much filler was used, slowing the pace, to where at times, it was painful to watch. I think creativity wise, there is so much more that could have been done.

That said, the story behind it, was great and the way they included some underlying story lines was definitely a bonus. It's probably the only thing that didn't make me completely hate it. The story itself, had so much potential, and while I appreciate the writers and directorial vision, I do feel they missed hitting that potential. Ghosts of Goldfield, would definitely benefit from a reboot, not a remake as so much was left undiscovered.

All aside, if you are a ghost story virgin, then this is a good first film to ease you into it. Trailer courtesy of Media Graveyard.

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