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Girl on the Third Floor

Synopsis: Don Koch (Phil CM Punk) tries to renovate a rundown mansion with a sordid history for his growing family, only to learn that the house has other plans.

Even though the poor, unimaginative synopsis, I thought, why not! It was late, I felt like a haunting type horror and choice wasn't really something that had the luxury of time. Honesty the intro titles were hard to read, given the ill-spaced Old English Victorian feel font and movement, so I skipped them all together. It didn't click until I was well into the movie who Don Koch, 'was' and honestly it was surprising to find out it was former WWE star CM Punk. (Yes, I watched a bit of wrestling back in my day) He did an amazing job, bringing a real sense of character to the role and he was very relatable. He was well suited to the role of Don Kosh.

Trieste Kelly Dunn, also did an amazing job portraying his wife, Liz Kosh. Honestly (other than Sarah Brooks, who was a little cliché, stiff and a 'dime a dozen' portraying her role as Sarah Yates,) it wasn't the acting that let this film down. It was the irregular slow paced storyline and unimaginative cliché writing, directing and feel that let this film down. I mean, the basis of the story, had real potential to be great, but instead of really exploring that potential, they basically did the same cliché visual line, that has been done a million times over... I was left completely unimpressed in that respect.

I do hope that somewhere along the line, maybe a prequel is done for Girl on the Third Floor, because the back line (although we know the ending) does have some hope to be engaging and is something I'd watch. A sequel, would probably work to but this movie on it's own, is rather forgettable, and in definite need of more.

Trailer courtesy of Dark Sky Films.

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