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Hellbound Season 1

Synopsis: People hear predictions on when they will die. When that time comes, a death angel appears in front of them and kills them.

Hellbound Season 1, well out does its simplified synopsis, and is better than the synopsis would lead you to believe. It was honestly refreshing to see something with such deep, truly relatable, and authentic characters. The quality of acting, throughout, did an amazing job of delivering, real emotion, and convenience of story line. There wasn’t one actor or actress that discredited Hellbound, but if I had to choose the performances by Yoo Ah-In (Jeong Jin-Soo), Kym Hyun-joo (Min Hye-Jin), Jeong Min Park (Bae Hye-Jin) and Jin-ah Won (Song So-Hyn) really stood out.

The cinematography, colour grading and overall feel, added to the audience experience. It felt darker, colder, and triggered a sense of nervousness, which I was excited for. You cannot watch Hellbound and not appreciate it, in all its raw beauty. Hellbound is not over done with special effects, and the ones that have been done, (except for the ‘angel’ delivering the decree) have been done perfectly.

The ‘angel’ that delivers the Decree, I found incredibly hard to take seriously. It reminded me of this stock image (above), and I think could have been done way better. I am hoping it was a budget issue and not an oversight when the ‘creatures’ that came to enforce the decree were really well done, and I have to admit, awesome.

If you’re wondering why, I am not discussing storyline too much, it is because I don’t want to spoil it for you. On the structure side, it is very well constructed, which few plot holes, which I am hoping will be ‘explained’ in later seasons. Season one is open ended, so if you’re someone who needs a closed one, it might pay to hold off watching Hellbound until new seasons are available. I know with Supernatural, I couldn’t wait for the next seasons, because I had to know, so I waited for seasons. Still can’t bring myself to watch the final episode though. It’s going to hurt. But back to Hellbound as I could talk about Supernatural for hours.

You will need a little patience to watch Hellbound, as there are parts that drag a little slower, but are well worth it for a deeper impact. Hellbound really creates another level from the standard. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, (Train to Busan) based on his own webtoon of the same name, Hellbound is worth watching, however I would recommend binge watching, because like me you’ll probably think you can stop at just one episode – I couldn’t. I found myself awake into the early hours of morning, and I am craving Season 2, which has not been confirmed yet, but there is an internet rumor it’s set release for November / December 2022. I really hope so. I need to know what happens next. So, in conclusion if you like things supernatural and aren't put of by gore and violence, I recommend watching Hellbound. Trailer courtesy of Netflix.

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Review was written by Sam Hain Winchester and is her honest view.

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