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House of the Dead (Directors Cut) - You'll Die Laughing (NOT)

Synopsis: It's Spring Break and these typical college kids just want to have fun - killing Zombies! This 'side splitting' directors cut of House of the Dead features new dialogue, alternative takes, popup commentary, animation from the original video game and commentary from the director. Even the most hardcore fans of the original cult classic will relish this hysterically tasteless funny version.

Wow, what a disappointment of a film! There were one or two jokes that were delivered in an actually funny way, but overall this film was lame as, and should be buried deep within the realm of regrettable mistakes, never to be heard of again. It was definitely a hit and tragic miss.

The title doesn't do it justice either. Probably less than 10% of the film is actually shot in the house and the terrible rewrite, poorly attempted to be hidden behind over done, horrible CGI. Being a comedy spin, they should have taken notes from films which nailed it like Scary Movie, Tucker and Dale vs Evil and The Evil Dead films. All I can say at this point is, it will really leave you feeling disappointed and thinking, 'what the *** did I just watch?'. Definately a film that could use a rewrite and a remake! Unless you love wasting time, money and feeling disappointed, I do not recommended this film at all. Epic Fail!

Trailer courtesy of zombiphile68 (this is for the film and not the Directors Cut Version)

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