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Lovely Molly - Guaranteed Boredom!

Synopsis: When newly wed Molly Reynolds (Gretchen Lodge) returns to her long abandoned family home, frightful reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. A malevolent force, whether her own haunted past or some supernatural thing, tirelessly seeks to overwhelm her. Alone and isolated in a centuries old manor, she soon begins an inexorable descent into depravity. Somewhere in the house, in a terrible space between psychosis and possession, lies an evil that will put Molly and all those around her into darkness and death.

After reading the synopsis of Lovely Molly, I was intrigued to watch it. After all, it fits into one of my favourite areas of horror, but I really should have left this one on the shelf and saved my money. "A Haunting Film, that's ultimately timeless. 8 out of 10" Lovely Molly was described by Bloody Disgusting, but they were incredibly WRONG on this one. Timeless are movies like The Exorcist (original), Night of the Living Dead and The Amityville Horror, which all by far outshine Lovely Molly and it's a little insulting, to timeless horrors, that Bloody Disgusting made this comparison. had it right though. Not being able to say anything good about the actual film, they said, "Lodge delivers an absolutely fearless and astounding performance." Gretchen Lodge did, perform incredibly well with her embracement of Molly.

The director Eduardo Sánchez who also edited and wrote the story (with Jamie Nash) and was also a co-director on The Blair Witch Project (another waste of time) did overall a good job if you ignore the poor and choppy editing in parts, mainly when Molly is filming herself, talking into a camcorder. There are so many areas this film could have been done better. Lovely Molly also has an anticlimactic pace, and in honesty, rather boring. I get the concept, and it had that paranormal creep feel, but I honestly found myself fighting the urge to reach for my phone and scroll facebook posts while I waited for something 'intriguing' to happen.

But all that said, if you enjoyed The Blair Witch Project, you will most likely enjoy this one. I didn't and I am definitely not a fan of this one. Thank you for reading. Trailer courtesy of Movie Clips Coming Soon.

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