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Malevolent - Not a scare in sight!

Synopsis: A team of scam artists get more than they bargained for when a job at a haunted country estate gets out of hand.

We all know how this goes. People play around with things they do not understand, for whatever reason; curiosity, looking for a quick buck at the cost of others; trapped within a disbelief for fun. Anyway, if you are wanting to watch a paranormal horror, the why they got where they were originally, is of little relevance in the long term.

Angela (Florence Pugh) and Jackson (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and crew, have falsely been claiming to help those plagued by the paranormal for years, but as time goes on, the ‘scam’ becomes reality and Angela begins to follow in the footsteps of her mother, seeing the dead for real. With her brother and friend in serious trouble, she agrees to take on one more job – after all it is not real. As the case progresses, the real horror of what happened begins to rear its ugly head, veils are removed, and they realize they have walked right into a ‘paranormal’ trap. The only question now, who is the real ‘monster’ of this haunted manor? Gripping the full potential of her abilities, along side her brother, who too now sees the dead at times and their friends, they try to escape alive.

I really enjoyed Malevolent, but if you are expecting a deeper story line and original haunting backstory then you will be disappointed in that respect. Most who follow the paranormal, know that the basis of birth for a spirit, usually involves an entity not being able to ‘let go’ of the living world, whether it be a need for justice, unfinished business, it really depends on the situation, but for some reason they are trapped here. You will get the cliché of that here, but the backstory to the making of the ‘monster’ without openly giving it way is also the standard, line of the abused becoming the abuser in a twisted way and in Malevolent, it is told in the space of ten seconds. There’s not mysterious discovery, etc. or intrigue. Just a short-told explanation of the fact. So that part was boring and unexciting. It is like being given the treasure with no treasure hunt. Pointless.

Anyway, moving on, if you are moving into the field of paranormal based dramas and horrors and not looking to be completely scared off them for life, Malevolent, is a good starter. It is not scary, but still has a mild creep and the story line is not painfully slow. Loved the house it was filmed in to.

Trailer courtesy of Netflix

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Review was written by Sam Hain Winchester and is her honest view.

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