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Ripper Letter from Hell - An underrated masterpiece

Synopsis: By the time she was 16, Molly (A.J. Cook) had already lived to tell a very bloodcurdling tale: She was the only survivor of a violent massacre while on an island holiday with friends. Disturbed by her horrific past, she focuses all her energies on researching the psyche of Serial Killers. This leads her to the forensic science program at Berkley, under the famed author and man hunter Martin Kane (Bruce Payne). Before long, the evil that had claimed Molly's friends is seemingly lose once again - this time on the campus. A reluctant Molly joins the study group which is fixated on tracking down the gruesome murderer. But events take an eerie turn when the students discover that the killers Modus Operandi (MO) matches London's oldest unsolved murders: Those of Jack the Ripper. As the past reawakens, they are forced to face the terrifying secret behind the stalkers return.

I was a little skeptical, that Ripper Letter from Hell, would be another cliche, to draw inspiration from the notorious, and well known case of the unidentified serial killer known as Jack the Ripper. I am very happy to say, that it wasn't. Although it kept to the 'truth' of Jack the Ripper, the way Ripper Letter from Hell was written and delivered, as a whole was incredibly well done and definitely makes it stand out from the crowd, bringing the horror of 'Jack the Ripper' to a newer generation.

The use of actual evidence from the Jack the Ripper case, (the actual 'letter from hell' was a really clever and nice touch as it added a psychological realism, and credibility to the film. For those who are interested, here is a copy and written translation of the actual letter from hell, from the Jack the Ripper cases with a bit more information.

Although this film, is classified as a horror / slasher - which it is, it also falls into the genre of a psychological thriller, which really made this underrated film, great. Everyone involved did a great job, from the production crew, directors, cast and editors. The film moves at a good pace and flows nicely throughout.

Overall, I was happily surprised with this film and the unexpected twists throughout. So much so, I have ordered Ripper 2 - Letter from Within. I am excited to see where, the sequel will take this film. Will it stand up to Ripper Letter from Hell? I hope so but I will definitely let you all know the outcome in the near future.

I couldn't find an official trailer online, but here is compilation of the film Ripper Letter from Hell by Ingenious Kat.

Thanks for reading all, and I will have more for you soon. :)

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