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Slenderman – A world of potential

Synopsis: When their friend mysteriously disappears, a group of teenage girls explore whether the culprit could be the creepy internet urban legend character Slender Man by summoning him with a ritual. They begin experiencing supernatural phenomena that make them believe the story is real and that they are now being haunted by the Slender Man.

I had always planned to watch Slender Man but, I found myself hesitant. Why? Because I liked the premise of the idea and envisioned the real ‘horror’ it had the potential to be and was fearful that I would be left, shattered, and disappointed. Although, shattered, luckily wasn’t the case, shadows of disappointment haunted throughout and overall, I find myself, clinging to single threads of hope, grasping to avoid the truth, of what it ended up to be. There were points where the storyline was strong, and captivating only to crash, in the car wreck of empty space, that dragged painfully on, like enthusiasm on the writers part failed and they were ‘over it’ needing a ending just to say they were done. The acting from Joey King (Wren) really glued together the believability of scene alongside Annalise Nicole Basso (Katie). Other than that, the acting was very mediocre and the plain jane standard that has seemingly become the norm in horror. Honestly, horror film makers out there, why are you settling for good when you can have great! It has been three days and I still find myself disappointed and mad.

There were points that were honestly too dark to see more than just shadow movement and it seem colour grading, was off in places, tainting the overall pleasure, because parts were eerie and beautify done in relation to Cinematography.

I never thought I’d say this, but I hope someday, someone with a lot more passion and appreciation for horror, rewrites and remakes Slender Man in a way that embraces the horror, Slender Man could truly be. As for this version, do not waste your time, unless you like bad horror films.

Trailer courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

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