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Something Beneath - Highly Underrated

Synosis: When the panic starts to spread, so does the slime - pulsating, dripping and oozing around the conference site, awaking everyone's worst nightmares. A massive cellular organism, highly intelligent and deadly, is living in the sewer system beneath the conference centre. As unexpecting attendees of the Clean Planet Conference are picked off one by one by a mysterious oily black slime, a group of scientists band together to try and stop it in its tracks.

Starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys) and Natalie Brown (Dawn of the Dead) Something Beneath was actually way better than I expected considering I picked it up out of a clearance bin for $3. It was well stitched together, and well paced throughout the entire film. The chemistry between Kevin Sorbo's character, Father Douglas Middleton and Natalie Brown's character Khali Spence, is very well portrayed, and it's growth apparent in scene and body language throughout Something Beneath. It made for a perfect accompaniment to the main story line - the struggle to stay alive.

This film does have some good scares and jump scares so is definitely not for those who don't enjoy a good scare here and there. There are scenes that are mildly graphic, but nothing really gorey, so for gore fans you'll be disappointed.

I actually really enjoyed Something Beneath and will definitely watch it again. If you like horror tones, with SC-FI (not space) tones and a well paced film, I do recommend giving Something Beneath a go. Trailer courtesy of WorldPremiereVOD

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